Mailhot Cylinders Parts and Service

Why Mailhot Cylinders?

Mailhot Industries has a proven expertise in hydraulic cylinder manufacturing since the Company’s inception in 1956. Mailhot cylinders and their line of supporting products are renowned for their technological innovation, quality and durability in many countries for various applications. Metronome Mechanical believes in creating partnerships with our customers to better understand their individual specific needs. By doing so, we are able to target potential or existing problems and then apply an innovative solution that adds value.

Single or Double Acting Telescopic Mailhot Cylinders

Mailhot Cylinders Features:

  • Single or double acting telescopic cylinders
  • Multiple attachment configurations available
  • Operating pressures up to 2000 psi (138 Bar)

Greater Cylinder Durability:

  • ARCOR salt bath nitriding
  • NCERA option available to improve corrosion resistance
  • 2-year warranty

Typical Mailhot Cylinders Applications:

  • Roll-off trucks and trailers
  • Vacuum trucks and trailers
  • Snow removal equipment
  • Natural resources equipment

Mailhot Cylinders CS Series

mailhot cylinders cs series

Mailhot Cylinders CS Series telescopic cylinders are known in many countries for their exceptional quality and reliability. Our patented salt bath nitriding process, ARCOR provides an edge on the competition.



rolloff trucks mailhot cylinders

Mailhot Cylinders for Roll-off Trucks and Trailers

Mailhot cylinders are manufactured in single stage as well as telescopic cylinder configurations for roll-off trucks and trailers. These cylinders are salt bath nitrided using our ARCOR process which provides them with superior resistance to wear and corrosion.

vacuum trucks mailhot cylinders

Mailhot Cylinders for Vacuum trucks and trailers

Mailhot Industries manufactures single or double acting telescopic cylinders dedicated for this application. Various Mailhot cylinders design configurations are offered for a wide range of tank and truck or trailer sizes.

mailhot cylinders waranty

The Mailhot Cylinders 2 Year Warranty

Mailhot cylinders are made to be dependable and to last. Our goal is to provide our customers with superior quality products, unmatched after-sale customer service and the best warranty in the industry. This is why you have every reason to buy Mailhot cylinders from Metronome Mechanical.