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Akaliko Cylinders

Akaliko is a global organization that is committed to relieving high-cost hydraulic cylinder remanufacturing, servicing and repair for Akaliko Cylinders clients worldwide.

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Akaliko is an industry leader in the production of custom hydraulic cylinders for mining and industrial companies worldwide.

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Custom Manufacturing Akaliko Cylinders

Akaliko cylinders custom manufacturing starts with a thorough analysis of our clients’ existing specifications, available working drawing, and existing components. Akaliko communicates with technical staff to verify existing designs. All client input is combined with our expertise to best meet the desired requirements.

Machining: Akaliko has built a reputation for high-quality machining capability for hydraulic cylinders of all kinds. Our repeatable and consistent machining provides superior quality components to ensure a safe and quality product.

akaliko cylinders welder
akaliko cylinders custom manufacturing

Welding: In order to provide a consistent and high-quality product to our customers, our certified welders utilize a combination of our welding machines and equipment to build the perfect custom cylinder. All of our welders and weld processes are certified to AWS standards. With our quality welding capabilities and experienced team, Akaliko is able to meet all hydraulic cylinder application needs.

Akaliko Cylinders Servicing/Remanufacturing Process


  • Disassembly & Inspection
  • Damage Assessment & Failure Analysis


  • Machining (Lathe / Mill / Drill)
  • Honing
  • Line Boring
  • Grinding and Polishing
  • In-House Hard Chrome Plating
  • Weld Repair and Fabrication
  • Damage Assessment & Failure Analysis

Testing & Re-Assembly

  • Penetrant and Ultrasonic Weld Testing
  • Cylinder Resealing
  • Pressure Testing
  • Assembly
  • Paint and Packaging

Akaliko World-Class Materials


  • AISI4140 / AISI4340 Quenched & Tempered with 3mm induction hardening on pre-chrome plated surface
  • Automated welding process or an optioned forged-up piston rod


  • ST52-3 as standard stock (Tensile strength of 520 MPa) and 27SiMn on heavy-duty cylinders (Tensile strength of 980 MPa)


  • Seal manufacturer supply to upgrade seal performance
  • SKF®, Trelleborg®, Hallite®, Chesterton®, NOK®, Kayaba®

Telescopic Akaliko Cylinders

akaliko cylinders telescopic

Telescopic Akaliko Cylinder Supply

  • A new generation of cylinder with a thicker wall and stronger lifting capacity
  • Stronger design with working pressures of 200 bar / 3080 PSI
  • High quality alloy seamless steel tube materials with excellent mechanical properties
  • Improved sealing structure to ensure no leakage under high pressure and harsh working conditions
  • High quality individual components compatible with international universal oil ports
  • Easy to maintain without need for special tools
AKT & AKA Akaliko Cylinders

AKT & AKA North American Type Front-End Hydraulic Cylinders

  • North American advanced processing technologies ensure stable and reliable front-end telescopic cylinders without outer covers (pin-to-pin cylinders)
  • High quality alloy seamless steel tubing with superb mechanical properties
  • Superior chrome-plating technology on all stages improves corrosion resistance and stability throughout the cylinder’s lifecycle
  • High-end gantry-type linear electroplating protects from corrosion and reinforces the cylinder tubing to ensure the highest performance possible
  • World renowned seal brands such as Hallite®, Parker®, and NOK® ensures superior sealing performance
  • High quality cylinders suitable for all lines of distribution including popular vehicle makes