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Metronome Mechanical

Our Brands Include:

Metronome Mechanical offers you with a “one stop” full support of services for all your requirements such as custom machining, fabricating, hydraulic cylinders (including industrial hard chrome) repairs, in addition to welding and general repairs. The company also has a highly experienced field with a complete team of machining crews and extensive equipment support for on site machining for large equipment and plant installations.

  • Akaliko Cylinders - a global organisation that is committed to relieving high-cost hydraulic cylinder remanufacturing, servicing and repair.
  • Custom Hoists Cylinders - a leading supplier of telescopic and single stage hydraulic cylinders.
  • Mailhot Cylinders - we can supply most Hydraulic Cylinders you may require.
  • TVH Americas - System Material Handling is the largest after market Fork Lift Parts manufacturer in the world. We can supply you with any of your forklift parts needs.
  • Pioneer Coverall - we can supply most Hydraulic Cylinder you may require.
  • Sealum - we can supply most Hydraulic Cylinder you may require.
  • Bosch Rexroth - Hydraulic Motors, Pumps and Valves.
  • Eaton - Hydraulic Motors, Pumps and Valves.
  • Parker - Hydraulic Motors, Pumps and Valves.




    We provide products and services for these companies: Terminal Systems (Container Handling), Waste Management (Hydraulic Cylinders) and DP World (Container Facility).

    Our list of supplier’s includes some of the largest and most recognized manufacturers of hydraulic products in the world. Our world-class manufactures provide any attachments such as Forged or Fabricated Forks, Hydraulic Cylinders, Pumps, Valves, Parts and Clamps.

    Quality Products

    Quality Standards

    The manufacturers we work with are leaders and innovators in the design and manufacturing of quality hydraulic cylinders. Metronome makes it a focus to partner with our customers to understand the application at hand; then find the cylinder to suit the environment it needs to life in and withstand the test of time.
    We work with manufactures that offer a full line of rod and telescopic hydraulic cylinders where each and every one of the products are met to fit the exacting standards from each and every of our unique clients needs.

    Metronome Mechanical provides the most dependable and guaranteed products by our suppliers who meet our strict quality standards. The manufacturers we work with design and manufacture all the products in house to control quality and accuracy, and can ensure a large supply of stocked items; so we can get you the quality parts you need to keep your equipment running at optimum performance.